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Company Profile of KMC Agri Solutions


KMC AGRI SOLUTIONS was formed in February 2007 and is based in Kraaifontein Industria, Cape Town.

KMC Agri Solutions obtained the exclusive SAME tractor franchise for the Western Cape region from GMG Power SA, the importer of SAME products. Due to developments on the international front, SAME purchased Deutz Fahr and the world wide company is now internationally known as SDF (SAME Deutz Fahr).

In South Africa and as from July 1 2009, Eqstra was appointed as the importer of SAME Deutz Fahr products who in turn developed a dealer network to distribute the product throughout Southern Africa. KMC Agri Solutions was appointed as dealer in the Western Cape. Kempston Agri is now the newly appointed importer for the Deutz Fahr product, focusing on marketing and with a good parts- and service back-up team, KMC Agri Solutions believes they are fully equipped to offer the SAME Deutz Fahr clients professional support. 

In addition, KMC Agri Solutions also was appointed by New Holland S.A., as a NEW HOLLAND dealer in March 2009. During March 2015, KMC Agri Solutions also decided to focus more on New Holland, Ford and Fiat Tractor owners as well as on the parts and service needs of their clients, allowing KMC AGRI Solutions the opportunity to service the older Ford, Fiat and New Holland products and to offer an even more professional back-up and parts supply services.

KMC Agri Solutions also has access to many other products, implements and construction equipment. We aim and strive to support all product and our clientele. We have the ability to import any equipment a farmer might purchase from abroad or need for his operation. We do not overlook the needs of the Agri Farmer and assist at what ever level is needed.

KMC Agri Solutions has been appointed as a Service Dealer for CLAAS Tractor in support of their clientele. We have however opted to change our strategy with regards to service levels. The past has proven to many a Farmer that service is important. The forgotten Magic word – ” SERVICE”.

We stand by what we work on. KMC AGri has there own service warranty guidelines to support their efforts in the field. A 24/7 approach is the reason why we are convinced that the Farmers today need a good back-up service .

KMC Agri has opted to rather be acknowledge by all manufacturers as authorized service Dealers to support the markets due to the fact that the tractor park has got smaller with less units in the field. Every manufacturer cannot afford a small Dealer in every town which might not be viable.

As of May 2016, KMC Agri Solutions Solutions was appointed a Dealer for Orchard Suppliers (importer of various makes of specialized vineyard and orchard implements), Ideal spraying equipment and a full range of sprayers to suit your needs. We also deal with INFACO Electric pruning scissors and have access to the TAFE Tractor range of tractors.

CNHi has opted to purchase the Invicta Holdings Agriculture arm namely CASE/Northmec and other franchises included,  which enables KMC Agri Solutions to support the parts market and provide a service to Case product owners. We sell, service and maintain parts backup at competetive prices. We have access and import parts to support the product at competitive prices. This is KMC Agri’s speciality.

JCB – FASTRAC. – KMC Agri has recently been approached by farmers to import Demonstration JCB Fastrac tractors because of the need in the Agricultural for a tractor /transporter type tractor and to make use of multi- purpose machinery while mechanizing your operation. MB TRAC were use previously by many farmers for transporting and agricultural usage on their farms.

KMC Agri believes there is a need for this product and has been communicating with  Dealers in the United Kingdom and at the same time communicated with the representative of JCB in South Africa on the matter. With the assistance from the UK, KMC Agri is equipped and are able to service ( Diagnostics) and supply parts on these tractors. We are excited from the response to support our venture .

KMC Agri is registered as an Importer and Builder by NCRS.

DIECI (from Italy) Telehandlers have been included in our product range, as we believe that this product can be of utmost use in the agricultural market. KMC Agri Solutions has been appointed the dealer for the Western Cape by Dieci Southern Africa,  the newly appointed importers of Dieci products.  The product offers various options and can be fitted with numerous attachments for different functions on the farm.

GFC (Bale Bandit) appointed KMC Agri solutions as their representative for South Africa.  A product which enhances the farmer to mechanize their operation when using a small block baler and the need arises to minimize cost by improved handling advantages, loss of product while handling and transport costs.  A number of machines are already working in South Africa.

IntelligentAG blockage monitoring.  A product used on air seeder planters. KMC Agri Solutions is the appointed representative for this product coming from North Dakota.  This product Improves control of the outlets when planting. A simple and very effective system which gets fitted to the air seeder and monitored from within the tractor cab.

KMC Agri Solutions has undertaken a venture to support the JCB Fastrac tractor product sourced from the UK  via HL Milnes Ltd.  KMC Agri’s expertise allows for the service and parts supply on this product. The product is a multi-purpose tractor, enabling farmers to even do transporting of bulk as part of their operations. KMC Agri Solutions already has all the special equipment to provide the service on this products and to support our clients.

Parts – Our latest and most exiting part of the business is that we are able to obtain many makes of PARTS which are imported from Europe and USA and if available immediately and paid, we deliver within 3-5 Days. This is a opportunity for any farmer.

KMC Agri Solutions also has access to the many other franchise implements, construction equipment and their parts which can be supplied.


To Date, KMC Agri is also an importer of certain specialized implements:

  • IntelligentAG from North Dakota
  • The Bale Band-it from Illinois in USA.(see products.)
  • Tenias Tractor Loader attachments from Spain
  • Sundry Equipment as per the need by the farmer

KMC Agri is focused on the future farmer due to the fact that most farmers are looking at mechanizing their operations and to farm more cost effectively and to utilize their labor force more effectively.

KMC Agri’s Vision & Mission Statement:

KMC AGRI is focused to constantly striving for continuity and to enrich the agricultural industry and community, by assisting the farming community by providing innovative and cost effective solutions where the related industry will be the prime beneficiaries.