Bale Bandit
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GFC – Bale Band-it

Youtube Video – Bale Bandit Operating in South Africa

Youtube Video – Bale Bandit to your advantage

 Bale Band-It – Series 100 This model is pulled simultanously behind your small square baler. As the small bales exits the baler, they are directed directly into the Bale Band-It. The Bale Bandit is fully automatic and when activated by the entrance of the small bale, it becomes operative and 21 small bales are fed into the chamber of the Bale Bandit. The bales are bundled together in a tight but compressed bundle. The Bale Band-It is fully automated and unloads on the go. All you do is drive continuously when baling in the field. These Bales are binded with steel strapping with a uniques hydraulic mechanism forming the bundle. 2562 small bales (122 bundles) of hay can be bundled before steel strapping roles needs to be replaced.

The NEW Bale Bandit -Series 200 is now available. A newly designed pick system to enable the Bale bandit to function independently from the baler.

Improvements: Improved capacity and Variable bale size handling capability. Independent Hydraulic drawbar.

Positive and calculated factors to consider when purchasing a Bale Bandit;

Less Labour – Less leaf losses – Less Wheels on the land – Less Damaged bales – Loading economics – End user unloading advantage and handling – Improved Econmics with regards to costs versus labour costs – No Infield damage resulted from bad weather – Fuel savings – Transport savings – Maximizing Transport tonnage.